Sneakers Airbrush
Sneakers Airbrush
Sneakers Airbrush
Sneakers Airbrush
Sneakers Airbrush
Sneakers Airbrush

Sneakers Airbrush



  • The airbrush for painting sneakers is intended for all levels of users due to its ease of use and lightness. It is perfect for customising any type of shoe and accessories.
  • It is recommended to be used together with the Tarrago Compressor.
  • 0.5 mm. diameter nozzle.
  • Colour capacity 7 ml./0.25 fl.oz.
  • Can be used with the following products: Sneakers paint, Color dye, Quick Color dye, SuedeDye and penetrating dye.
  • To apply the paint it is necessary to dilute it beforehand with the neutral base paint thinner.


Airbrush for painting sneakers and other accessories. Easy to use for all levels.


  1. Connect the airbrush to the Tarrago Compressor.
  2. Pour the paint into the colour container after diluting it properly (*).
  3. Hold the airbrush in your hand. Press the operating lever to allow air to escape. Pull back the operating lever gradually to start spraying.
  4. The spray pattern will depend on the distance between the work surface and the airbrush.
  5. Remove the needle cap to paint small lines or dots. To achieve this effect work very close to the surface while releasing a small amount of paint.
  6. Empty the contents and clean the airbrush with water and a special brush.

*Thinning: Using the dosing cap: For Tarrago Sneakers Paint use 75% of the dye and 25% of Tarrago Sneakers Paint Neutral Base. For Tarrago Self Shine Colour Dye dilution is optional for thinner coats. For metallic colours, use 90% Self Shine Color Dye and 10% Self Shine Color Dye Neutral Base.

With a pipette: For Tarrago Sneakers Paint, add 1 ml/0.03 fl oz. of Tarrago Sneakers Paint Neutral Base to the colour container. For Self Shine Color Dye, dilution is optional for thinner coats. For metallic colours, add 0.5 ml/0.016 Fl. oz. of Self Shine Color Dye Neutral Base to the colour cup.


  1. Spray all paint and pour water into the colour cup.
  2. Block the needle cap with a finger and spray.
  3. Allow air stream to flow back through nozzle to clear paint residue. Remove your finger and squeeze out all the water inside the airbrush.
  4. Repeat the process several times until there is no paint residue inside the airbrush.
  5. Keep the nozzle and nozzle cap clean. Any dust will reduce the spraying effect.
  6. Remove the needle and wipe off the remaining paint. Do not bend or damage the surface of the needle, as this may hinder the use of the airbrush.


This airbrush can be connected to any compressor.

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