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How to Clean Canvas and Fabric Sneakers

Canvas and fabric sneakers are a classic that never go out of style, but keeping them clean can be a challenge. Fortunately, with the right products and the right steps, you can restore them to their original luster. In this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to clean fabric and canvas sneakers using Tarrago Sneaker Care's powerful Super Gel. This product is specially formulated to remove the most stubborn stains and leave your sneakers spotless, so get ready to revitalize your favorite sneakers and make them look like new!

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How To Repair Scratches On White Sneakers With Total White

White sneakers have transcended fashion trends and have become a timeless classic that cannot be missing in the closet of many people. Their versatility and style have made them an essential element to create modern and casual outfits. However, keeping them in perfect condition can seem like a constant challenge. The inevitable scuffs and stains can make you wonder if it's possible to keep your favorite white sneakers looking impeccable. In this post, we give you a step-by-step guide to repairing scuffs on white sneakers with Tarrago's Total White.

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Discover the secrets to cleaning sneakers like a pro with our best seller products!

The magic of Sneakers Care will keep your sneakers impeccable at all times! In our online store, you'll find a wide selection of the best products and accessories for the care, cleaning, customization, and repair of sneakers. 


Whether you have leather or any other material sports shoes, we have everything you need to keep them in the best possible condition.


We work with renowned brands such as Tarrago Sneaker Care and Saphir Médaille D'Or to offer you the highest quality products. Our commitment is to always provide you with the best results and the best sneaker care experience.


But that's not all. At Sneakers Care, we care about the environment. All our products are eco-friendly and nature-friendly, without compromising their effectiveness. You can be sure that your sneakers will be uniquely protected thanks to our formulas free from harmful substances.

Be amazed by the quality and astonishing results we offer day after day. Let your shoes and sneakers shine with their own light! Explore our online store and discover how we can help you keep your footwear in its best condition.

Experts in sneaker care, cleaning, customization, and restoration

Give your shoes the care they deserve! At Sneakers Care, we are experts in sneakers, and in our online store, you will find the most innovative solutions to ensure that your sneakers always look impeccable. You no longer have to worry about wear or dirt because we have everything you need to maintain your sneakers in perfect condition.


We are proud to offer you the latest solutions specifically designed to care for and protect your sneakers easily and efficiently. Our products have been meticulously selected to provide you with the best results and ensure that your sneakers stay like new. Additionally, for those who love shoe repair, we also have repairing and protective formulas that will improve the condition and extend the lifespan of your sneakers.

Taking care of and maintaining your sneakers in perfect condition is essential to always look impeccable. At Sneakers Care, we strive to provide you with practically new sneakers every day. Trust us and discover the best products for the protection of your sneakers.

Start giving your shoes the care they need!

Paints and dyes for customizing sneakers

Let your creativity flow and personalize sneakers with Sneakers Care, your go-to store for sneaker customization! In our extensive catalog, you will find a selection of professional products specially formulated for painting and drawing on sneakers effortlessly. With them, you can flaunt unique sneakers designed exclusively for you on any occasion. Don't miss the opportunity to create your own style with our paint for sneakers of any material or with dyes for suede and leather, available in a wide range of colors at the best price and with a guarantee of quality.


Imagine having completely personalized and exclusive sneakers that reflect your tastes and personality. In our online store, that is possible. We invite you to discover the magic of transforming your shoes into true works of art with our top-quality products.


Remember that wearing impeccable and personalized sneakers starts with trusting professional solutions. Don't hesitate for a moment and dare to enhance and care for the appearance of your shoes and sneakers with the best specialized products.

Experience guaranteed satisfaction at every step of the process!


Care, cleaning and sneaker custom.


Shipments to all of Europe 


With the guarantee of Sneakerscare


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