Brushes & Wipes

Brushes & Wipes

Dust remover brush | Dry cleaning

Some things require a light touch. Our Sneaker Dust Remover Brush is the ideal accessory for dry cleaning your sneakers. Black beech wood handle. Long and super soft synthetic bristles. Removes the most difficult dust in small holes such as textile, knit, or mesh. Suitable for all textile materials. Packaged in a cardboard box. It maintains its...
Brushes & Wipes

Total Cleaning Brush | Wet and dry cleaning

Some things require a light touch. Our Sneakers total cleaning brush is the perfect complement to carry out deep cleaning of your sneakers. Varnished beechwood handle. Soft synthetic bristles. Suitable for all surfaces, especially delicate materials that need extra care. Packaged in a cardboard box. It maintains its properties, qualities, and softness for...
Brushes & Wipes

Sneaker Brushes Cleaning Kit

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The Sneaker Brushes Cleaning Kit is an essential item to have to clean and keep your shoes always ready to wear. This kit contains: Total Cleaning Brush | Wet and dry cleaning: made up of a beechwood handle and soft synthetic bristles, which will help you safely remove the most difficult stains on all surfaces, especially delicate ones that need extra...
Brushes & Wipes

Sneakers Brush | Wet and dry cleaning

Varnished beechwood handle. Soft synthetic bristles. Measurements: 120 x 117 x 76 mm. Suitable for all surfaces and midsoles. The Sneakers Brush comes in a cardboard box. It maintains its properties and qualities for a long time.
Brushes & Wipes

Tarrago Sneakers & Cap Wipes | 5 Pack

Tarrago SneakerCare
Sneakers & Caps wipes to remove dirt from your shoes and caps instantly. For smooth leather, synthetic leather, canvas, and vinyl. The package includes 5 individual wipes. Specially designed to be carried in your pocket, in your bag, in a backpack, or in a suitcase.
Brushes & Wipes

Cotton Shoe Duster | 100% natural

100% natural cotton shoe duster Usable for applying creams and polishes Blister support presentation. Measurements: 26 x 28cm
Brushes & Wipes

Brush for suede and nubuck

The Tarragó metal suede and nubuk brush is a brush with brass bristles for deep cleaning of footwear and suede and nubuck garments. Frequent use of this suede and nubuck brush removes coarse, dry dirt, as the pores of suede and nubuck are very open and susceptible to filling with dirt particles. When these particles are not removed, this type of skin can...
Brushes & Wipes

Bitumen spreader brush

BITUM SPREADING BRUSH The Tarragó Dauber brush is a bitumen spreading brush made with a brown wooden handle, with quality 100% natural horsehair bristles. Easy handling and easy bitumen application on shoes. Blister support presentation. It is recommended to use a brush for each color.
Brushes & Wipes

Horse hair brush - Tarragó

The Tarragó horse hair brush is an elegant brush with a beechwood handle and 100% natural horsehair bristles. Its shape and size are the perfect combination for removing dirt and polishing premium leather shoes, bags, jackets and sofas. Brush measurements: 12.5cm long and 5cm wide. Bristle size: 2.5cm high. Tarrago logo engraved directly on beech wood.
Brushes & Wipes

Sneakers Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth is the perfect material to easily remove dirt or dust and to wipe excess liquids from your sneakers after cleaning. Non-abrasive and suitable for all types of materials, it is super soft, lint-free, extremely absorbent and dries quickly.


For a good shoe cleaning we need the right accessories. You will find the entire selection of brushes to clean shoes and wipes, perfect for your leather, suede or any other material shoes. We have a wide variety of brushes, some for a superficial cleaning of the shoes and others for a deeper cleaning. In addition, with our wipes you can clean your shoes wherever you are so that you always wear them impeccable.

our brushes They will be the best complement to clean your sneakers! 

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