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Tarrago Sneakers Wasc

Tarrago   Sneakers   WASC   is   the   best   cleaner   in   World.Its   new   and   revolutionary cleaning technology provide high cleaning power on all surfaces and  colors  and  recovers  the  original  white  on  surfaces  and  midsoles.  WASC has  water-based  and  environmentally  friendly  formula.  It  has  a  quick  visible  result, you can see...

Tarrago Sneakers SuperGel Cleaner

Tarrago Supergel Cleaner is the best product for cleaning tarpaulins, textiles, knitted and mesh shoes. Its properties give a pleasant scent and do not damage the glue on the soles. Rose essence Antibacterial and deodorising effect. Comes in a bottle with a measuring cap. 250 ml.
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The Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner is a foaming cleaning solution with high cleaning power for your kicks. Cleans effectively without damaging the original texture neither modifying the colors. Suitable for all colors.
Brushes & Wipes

Tarrago Sneakers & Cap Wipes

Quickly and effectively removes dirt and scuff marks from smooth and synthetic leather, canvas and vinyl. For use on footwear and accessories. Pack of 5 individual wipes. Use the smooth side for regular cleaning and the stippled side for stubborn stains. Freshly scented. For best results, use Tarrago Sneakers Protector after cleaning. Enjoy clean trainers...

Sneakers Amazing Cleaning Kit

Amazing kit for your sneakers cleaning routine. Contains: Tarrago Sneakers WASC as a super cleaner. Tarrago Sneakers&Cap wipes for quick cleaning. Tarrago Sneakers Total Brush suitable for all surfaces.


Essential Sneakers Kit contains the essential product to clean your sneakers. Total Cleaner is a universal cleaner, suitable for suede, nubuck, leather, synthetic leather, canvas and vinyl that cleans and removes light to medium difficult stains. Includes Total Cleaner + cleaning sponge.

Sneakers Clean & Protect Kit

Got dirty Sneakers? Do you want to protect them? Get the best results with this special kit. Contains everything for taking care of your sneakers!
Universal stain remover. Eliminates all kinds of dirt on any material, safe for the most fragile substance. Its foam deeply cleans dirt, stains, silicones, resins, etc. 200 ml.
Vegetal origin cleansing formula extracted from plants and not harmful to humans and environment. The Deep Cleaner will deeply any form of dirt or stain on smooth and synthetic leathers, as well as the sole edge of the sneakers. 100 ml.

Tarrago Sneakers wipes

Freshly scented cleaning wipes to remove dirt from your sneakers instantly.

Tarrago Textil Cleaner

A special soapy solution made for textile and canvas cleaning. May be applied to any color. The special design of the sponge allows for deep cleaning.

Nubuck and Suede Cleaner Block

Cleaning rubber that easily removers superficial dust, dirst and stains. For suede and nubuck.

Tarrago Hand sanitizer

Hand  sanitizer  pump  spray.  Contains  Aloe  Vera  for  skin  hydration.  No  rinsing  needed.  Does  not  contain  gas.   Cosmetic product. Not tested on animals.


Specially formulated soapy solution for sports footwear which can be applied to any color. The special design of the sponge allows a deep cleaning. For leather, synthetic leather, suede and nubuck. Sponge applicator 75ml / 2,54 fl.oz. Colorless.

Do you know how to clean white converse? Are the rubber soles of your sneakers yellow? Do you want to know how to clean sneakers in simple steps?

Quickly and effectively removes dirt and scuff stains from leather, canvas, suede etc. with our shoe cleaning products. We have products with the most revolutionary technology to recover the original white of surfaces and eliminate yellow soles and rubber midsoles.

Our cleaners have a high percentage of natural components in order to respect the materials of the shoes and to achieve the best results for cleaning shoes. We also have the most complete cleaning kits so that you have all the products you need to give your shoes a second chance.

Enjoy your clean sneakers and accessories whenever you want!

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The What amazing sneakers cleaner is not only a cleaner but also a stain remover and is suitable for cleaning the midsoles of trainers. Both products are suitable for cleaning all surfaces of trainers, but the natural cleaner has the highest percentage of natural products in its formula. In terms of its properties, the WASC consists of coconut oil and the natural cleaner of vegetable ingredients.

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