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Brushes & Wipes

Tarrago Sneakers Dust Remover Brush

The sneaker dusting brush is a perfect complement for dry-cleaning your trainers, its long bristles remove stubborn dust in small holes such as textile, knit or mesh. Suitable for all textile materials. Long, super soft synthetic bristles. Black beech wood handle. Removes daily dust. Packed in cardboard box. Retains its properties, qualities and softness...

Tarrago Sneakers Wasc

Tarrago   Sneakers   WASC   is   the   best   cleaner   in   World.Its   new   and   revolutionary cleaning technology provide high cleaning power on all surfaces and  colors  and  recovers  the  original  white  on  surfaces  and  midsoles.  WASC has  water-based  and  environmentally  friendly  formula.  It  has  a  quick  visible  result, you can see...
Repairers & Protectors


Tarrago Sneakers Nano Protector provides a waterproof and self-cleaning effect to your sneakers. Sneakers Nano Protector offers innovative top-class protection based on revolutionary Nanotechnology. When the Sneakers Nano Protector has been applied the fibers, themselves become much more water and dirt proof. Materials stay breathable and when regularly...
Brushes & Wipes

Tarrago Sneakers Total Brush

Tarrago Sneakers Total Brush is the perfect accessory for cleaning your trainers. It consists of a beech wood handle and soft synthetic bristles, which will help you to safely remove stubborn stains on all surfaces, especially on delicate surfaces that need extra care. Suitable for all surfaces, especially delicate materials. The best product for a...

Tarrago Sneakers SuperGel Cleaner

Tarrago Supergel Cleaner is the best product for cleaning tarpaulins, textiles, knitted and mesh shoes. Its properties give a pleasant scent and do not damage the glue on the soles. Rose essence Antibacterial and deodorising effect. Comes in a bottle with a measuring cap. 250 ml.
Repairers & Protectors

Sneakers Protector

Helps to prevent water soaking into the footwear, protects from rain, snow. Dirt repellant, it prevents from any damage on the leather or fabrics. Enlarge the life of your kicks!
Brushes & Wipes

Tarrago Sneaker Brushes Cleaning Kit

The Tarrago Sneaker Brush Cleaning Kit is an essential item you must have to clean and keep your trainers fresh and ready to wear. This kit contains: Tarrago Total Sneaker Cleaning Brush: composed of a beech wood handle, and soft synthetic bristles, which will help you safely remove the toughest stains on all surfaces, especially delicate ones that need...


The Tarrago Sneakers Cleaner is a foaming cleaning solution with high cleaning power for your kicks. Cleans effectively without damaging the original texture neither modifying the colors. Suitable for all colors.
Repairers & Protectors

Sneakers Sole Restorer

Oxygenated solution that restores the color of rubber soles and eliminates yellowing soles. After many uses all white soles come yellowish and never get as white as when you bought them. Now you can recover the purest white of the soles of your shoes with the amazing Tarrago Sole Restorer. It is an oxygenated solution that will restore the white of your...
Brushes & Wipes

Tarrago Sneakers & Cap Wipes

Quickly and effectively removes dirt and scuff marks from smooth and synthetic leather, canvas and vinyl. For use on footwear and accessories. Pack of 5 individual wipes. Use the smooth side for regular cleaning and the stippled side for stubborn stains. Freshly scented. For best results, use Tarrago Sneakers Protector after cleaning. Enjoy clean trainers...
Repairers & Protectors


Keep your midsoles clean in three minutes with Tarrago Sneakers Midsole Cleaner! Cleaning cream with bamboo essence. Specially formulated to eliminate dirt and paint. This cream can be applied over any color. Your sneakers midsoles will achieve a perfect cleaning!

Sneakers Amazing Cleaning Kit

Amazing kit for your sneakers cleaning routine. Contains: Tarrago Sneakers WASC as a super cleaner. Tarrago Sneakers&Cap wipes for quick cleaning. Tarrago Sneakers Total Brush suitable for all surfaces.
Repairers & Protectors

Sneakers Total White

White liquid cream, with applicator sponge for easy apply of the product. With this product you can cover scratches, any type of dirt and return the original white to your sneakers. It is fast absorption, after 5 minutes of drying, the product does not stain.
Repairers & Protectors

Sneakers Total Black repair cream

Wax-based  black  liquid  cream,  with  applicator  sponge  for  an  easy  product  application.  Its  high  opacity  can  cover  scratches  and  any  type  of  dirt  easily,  revive  the  color  and  return  the  original  black  to  your  sneakers.  Its  sponge design allows an easy application and a high-quality finish after use. Thanks to its fast...


Essential Sneakers Kit contains the essential product to clean your sneakers. Total Cleaner is a universal cleaner, suitable for suede, nubuck, leather, synthetic leather, canvas and vinyl that cleans and removes light to medium difficult stains. Includes Total Cleaner + cleaning sponge.
Brushes & Wipes

Shoe Duster

The perfect finishing accessory!
Repairers & Protectors

Tarrago Filling Repair Paste Cream

Special flexible filling paste designed to cover scratches, holes or cracks on leather and synthetic leather, creating a soft, adhesive and flexible layer. Also suitable for rubber midsoles. Not suitable for suede and nubuck.
Brushes & Wipes

Brass Metal Brush

Its brass bristles effectively remove dust and dirt from suede footwear without damaging it. Blister presentation.

Sneakers Clean & Protect Kit

Got dirty Sneakers? Do you want to protect them? Get the best results with this special kit. Contains everything for taking care of your sneakers!
Universal stain remover. Eliminates all kinds of dirt on any material, safe for the most fragile substance. Its foam deeply cleans dirt, stains, silicones, resins, etc. 200 ml.
Brushes & Wipes

Tarrago Dauber Brush

Its brass bristles effectively remove dust and dirt from suede footwear without damaging it. For smooth leather.

Sneakers Expander

Probably you have felt this tight sensation before when you bought a new pair of kicks and they did not fit. The Tarrago Sneakers Expander will solve this problem and prevent you from that pain feeling at walk. Its special solution will increase the flexibility of leather fibers adapting them to your feet, removing pressure points and avoiding the pain...
Vegetal origin cleansing formula extracted from plants and not harmful to humans and environment. The Deep Cleaner will deeply any form of dirt or stain on smooth and synthetic leathers, as well as the sole edge of the sneakers. 100 ml.


We offer a wide range of cleaning and protection products and accessories, from our cleaners with their different formulas to our protectors to protect your shoes so that they are always like the first day. 

Cleaning shoes at another level is possible with our range of products!

We have designed products with unique properties to offer a solution to two important issues: the comfort of our customers and the reduction of the environmental impact.

Preguntas frecuentes

We do not recommend washing shoes in the washing machine. Although the appearance after washing the shoes in the washing machine, stains will reappear very quickly. Some of the main reasons why you should not wash your shoes in the washing machine are:

  • The glue on the soles may be affected.
  • They can be deformed, especially those shoes that have thermofusion parts or the foam can swell.
  • Bad smell can occur, due to an excess of humidity, fungus can appear.

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