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Brushes & Wipes

Dust remover brush | Dry cleaning

Some things require a light touch. Our Sneaker Dust Remover Brush is the ideal accessory for dry cleaning your sneakers. Black beech wood handle. Long and super soft synthetic bristles. Removes the most difficult dust in small holes such as textile, knit, or mesh. Suitable for all textile materials. Packaged in a cardboard box. It maintains its...

WASC | White Sneaker Cleaner

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WASC is a foaming white sneaker cleaner. It contains an environmentally friendly water-based formula.  Aluminum pump 125 ml. non-carbonated and easy to recycle.  Does not change the original color of the shoes. Can be applied on: smooth leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, fabric and all types of surfaces and colors.
Repairers & Protectors

Sneakers Nano protector spray

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SNEAKERS PROTECTOR SPRAY Protective spray for sneakers with an innovative protection based on nanotechnology. It acts as a water, snow or dust repellent. It can be used on all types of leather, suede, nubuck and high-tech breathable and waterproof fibers such as Omni Tech, Gore-Tex, Hyvent or Inner Plus. Colorless spray 250 ml. Apply 2 or 3 coats of...
Brushes & Wipes

Total Cleaning Brush | Wet and dry cleaning

Some things require a light touch. Our Sneakers total cleaning brush is the perfect complement to carry out deep cleaning of your sneakers. Varnished beechwood handle. Soft synthetic bristles. Suitable for all surfaces, especially delicate materials that need extra care. Packaged in a cardboard box. It maintains its properties, qualities, and softness for...
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250 ml Trainers Canvas Cleaner SuperGel. Suitable for: canvas, textile, knit, and mesh Antibacterial and deodorizing effects Fresh rose scent Protects the glue on the shoes by preventing it from peeling off Can be used to wash slippers in the washing machine The best cleaner to clean White Converse
Repairers & Protectors

Sneaker Protector Spray | Waterproofing

Waterproofing spray that prevents the transfer of water inside the shoe and protects from rain and snow. Suitable for: leather, synthetic leather, oiled leather, suede, nubuck, fabric and microfibers. Colorless. It respects the original color and the characteristics of the material on which it is applied. Recommended for waterproof and breathable...
Brushes & Wipes

Sneaker Brushes Cleaning Kit

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The Sneaker Brushes Cleaning Kit is an essential item to have to clean and keep your shoes always ready to wear. This kit contains: Total Cleaning Brush | Wet and dry cleaning: made up of a beechwood handle and soft synthetic bristles, which will help you safely remove the most difficult stains on all surfaces, especially delicate ones that need extra...
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Sneakers cleaner with high cleaning power. Ingredients 98% natural vegetable. Suitable for all colors.  Pleasant fragrance. Can be applied on all surfaces: smooth leather, synthetic, suede, nubuck, fabric and microfiber... Dispenser spray 0% gas. Aluminum bottle 125 ml/4.40 fl.oz.
Repairers & Protectors

Sneakers Sole Restorer

The sole restorer that eliminates yellow soles and restores the color of rubber soles. Presented in a box with a 125ml plastic bottle. Includes a glove for added protection during the sole whitening process. Recommended for: shoes with white or translucent soles. Complies with current legislation on safety, environment and health.
Brushes & Wipes

Tarrago Sneakers & Cap Wipes | 5 Pack

Sneakers & Caps wipes to remove dirt from your shoes and caps instantly. For smooth leather, synthetic leather, canvas, and vinyl. The package includes 5 individual wipes. Specially designed to be carried in your pocket, in your bag, in a backpack, or in a suitcase.
Brushes & Wipes

Sneakers Brush | Wet and dry cleaning

Varnished beechwood handle. Soft synthetic bristles. Measurements: 120 x 117 x 76 mm. Suitable for all surfaces and midsoles. The Sneakers Brush comes in a cardboard box. It maintains its properties and qualities for a long time.
Repairers & Protectors

Shoe Sole Cleaner | Sneakers Midsole Cleaner

Shoe Sole Cleaner that keep your midsoles clean in three minutes with Tarrago Sneakers Midsole Cleaner! Cleaning cream with bamboo essence. Specially formulated to eliminate dirt and paint. This cream can be applied over any color. Your sneakers midsoles will achieve a perfect cleaning!
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SHOES CLEANING PRODUCTS - PREMIUM KIT The most complete kit with the best products to clean your sneakers. 1 universal stain remover for cleaning the surfaces of the most exclusive sneakers. 1 deep cleaner. The great ally for the half soles of the sneakers. 1 protective waterproofing spray for sneakers to complete the cleaning process completely. Cleans...


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Amazing kit for your sneakers cleaning routine. This kit contains: What amazing sneakers cleaner, Sneakers cleaning wipes and Total sneakers cleaning brush. Great cleaning power and easy to apply. Use What Amazing Sneakers Cleaner for deep cleaning and Tarrago Sneakers & Cap Wipes for quick cleaning. One of the best products for cleaning white...
Repairers & Protectors

Whitening For Trainers | Sneakers Total White

Liquid whitening for trainers cream with self-applying sponge for easy application. Its main function is to repair white sneakers covering scratches, scuffs or any kind of dirt. Due to its high covering power whitening properties you will be able to clean white sneakers and recover the original color. The product is absorbed very fast, once 5 minutes...
Repairers & Protectors

Sneakers Total Black repair cream

SNEAKERS TOTAL BLACK REPAIR CREAM Liquid wax-based cream, with a self-applying sponge that helps clean black shoes and makes the repair process easier. Its formula with a high power of opacity, allows to easily cover scratches, friction and any type of dirt. Suitable for cleaning black sneakers made of smooth leather, synthetic leather and canvas. Return...


Essential Sneakers Kit contains the essential product to clean your sneakers. Total Cleaner is a universal cleaner, suitable for suede, nubuck, leather, synthetic leather, canvas and vinyl that cleans and removes light to medium difficult stains. Includes Total Cleaner + cleaning sponge.
Brushes & Wipes

Cotton Shoe Duster | 100% natural

100% natural cotton shoe duster Usable for applying creams and polishes Blister support presentation. Measurements: 26 x 28cm
Repairers & Protectors

Restorative Filling Paste | Leather and rubber

Filler paste to cover scratches and cuts on smooth leather, synthetic leather, and also on rubber soles. Not suitable for suede and nubuck. Creates a smooth, sticky, flexible layer. 50ml / 1.75 fl. oz jar Available in 4 colors.
Brushes & Wipes

Brush for suede and nubuck

The Tarragó metal suede and nubuk brush is a brush with brass bristles for deep cleaning of footwear and suede and nubuck garments. Frequent use of this suede and nubuck brush removes coarse, dry dirt, as the pores of suede and nubuck are very open and susceptible to filling with dirt particles. When these particles are not removed, this type of skin can...

Sneakers Clean & Protect Kit

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The most complete kit for the cleaning and protection of sneakers. Contains: 1 natural cleaner, protector, brush and microfiber cloth for slippers. The sneaker cleaning kit provides a complete cleaning process. The kit contains environmentally friendly products. Suitable for any color. Suitable for: natural and synthetic leather, suede and nubuck, canvas.
UNIVERSAL STAIN REMOVER CLEANSER Universal stain remover. Eliminates all kind of dirt on any material, safe for the most fragile substance. Its foam deeply cleans dirt, stains, silicones, resins, etc. Saphir Medaille D’Or cleaner is a universal stain remover designed for high-quality sneakers. Made up of a foam that deeply cleans dirt, removing stains,...
Brushes & Wipes

Bitumen spreader brush

BITUM SPREADING BRUSH The Tarragó Dauber brush is a bitumen spreading brush made with a brown wooden handle, with quality 100% natural horsehair bristles. Easy handling and easy bitumen application on shoes. Blister support presentation. It is recommended to use a brush for each color.


We offer a wide range of cleaning and protection products and accessories, from our cleaners with their different formulas to our protectors to protect your shoes so that they are always like the first day. 

Cleaning shoes at another level is possible with our range of products!

We have designed products with unique properties to offer a solution to two important issues: the comfort of our customers and the reduction of the environmental impact.

Preguntas frecuentes

We do not recommend washing shoes in the washing machine. Although the appearance after washing the shoes in the washing machine, stains will reappear very quickly. Some of the main reasons why you should not wash your shoes in the washing machine are:

  • The glue on the soles may be affected.
  • They can be deformed, especially those shoes that have thermofusion parts or the foam can swell.
  • Bad smell can occur, due to an excess of humidity, fungus can appear.

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